Another great work, everyone needs to read it. What comes next, as Biden tries to destroy Trump, and has destroyed our Economy? I checked my bank account NO extra SS extra as promised.

It took me weeks to put together our Turkey dinner as I caught 'sales', sans drinks as we don't do sodas, and add my DIL Sweet Potatoe casserole. My bread machine crapped out.

WIC gets more money, many Seniors need Specialty diets we can't afford. They are individualized due to disease, falls, or Pharma caused.

After the FTX Failure, which was orchestrated and this guy is taking the fall for his boss, his payoff is lodged in the Bahamas under his parent's name. One just suddenly died. I'm glad my phone won't do QR's, and I can still use Cash. Never left the house for Black Friday, Deals were 2021 prices DEALS.

More mRNA VACCINES FOR DIFFERENT THINGS IN THE WORKS. Not touching the Gates faux food. Or mRNA on my two 12 lb senior furbabies, Being mostly housebound, doctors who know less than I do get their scripts trashed, or get my beautician to do my hair as I can't wash or dry my own hair. ENDO upped my NOT NEEDED Thyroid med, 3 skin diseases in 2 weeks CRADLE CAP AT 74?. Everything he scripted had alcohol in it. Didn't work right, These young hospital techs only know generic names for meds. I learned as the name brand, Macrobid is on my reaction list. Not hearing well masks are yucky, I can't tell half the time what they are saying.


These Big Stores Are About To Shut Down This Year And Here's Why



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Dr. Paul Offit, MD, FDA advisor: he has been a COVID vaccine shill for the last 2 years but now running to the hills, listen to 50 seconds onwards, he is saying NO booster, no vaccine based on 8 MICE


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From a Katey Liberty in https://www.theepochtimes.com/8-mice-omicron-boosters_4731210.html

Why are we still having difficulty getting anti parasitic drugs like ivermectin to treat Covid? Pharmacists can refuse to fill a prescription. Viruses are parasites. They need a host to live. All living species try to live. Viruses mutate. They become more contagious but less virulent in order to live. Vaccines are not the obvious answer as they can’t capture the constant changes of the virus. It renders the vaccines ineffective. However the vaccines have proven to be dangerous for some. Deadly. And the data has been hidden from the public. We used to have the highest standards in drug safety. The public can’t trust our institutions because corruption has become normalized. It’s up to the people to demand transparency if they want us to follow their rules. We now must get studies reported from other countries to find the truth!

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U.S. drug regulators are refusing to provide key analyses of a COVID-19 vaccine safety database, claiming that the factual findings cannot be separated by internal discussions protected by law. https://www.theepochtimes.com/exclusive-fda-refuses-to-provide-key-covid-19-vaccine-safety-analyses_4722586.html

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A well rounded explanation that could be used to enlighten someone who is not too far gone. We are living through the most monstrous episode in human history. The inconceivable evil of the minds that crafted this whole plan! The execution if it. And are continuing on with it.

I appreciate the tongue in cheek balanced with the rage. Otherwise all you can do is cry.

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I'd rather have a better fix for Diverticulitis. Flagyl sucks. What could it cost to coat the crap? And why did I get it? Even SIBO wasn't this painful. And 5 mg of Oxy won't touch the pain, since the idiots took most of the Tylenol out of it, 10 pills. One for each day of the Antibiotic.

Gee sounds like it might work on Covid Metronidazole is an antibiotic that is used to treat a wide variety of infections. It works by stopping the growth of certain bacteria and parasites.

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Menendez becomes third Democratic Senator to test positive for COVID-19 this week


Data from Israel: Myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccines remain rare, highest risk in young males


FAUCI SPANISH FLU https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/fauci-deadly-spanish-flu-virus-cola/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=91af1ce5-c6c1-4690-b28f-b9f0543533bb

Pfizer’s COVID pill Paxlovid has profound effect in seniors, jury still out for younger adults


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Sep 9, 2022Liked by Frederick R Smith

Thank you Frederick R.Smith … great read and to the point. The hunger lines for this jab( because we have two arms) will extend far and wide… it’s free , free is good …. Right??😉

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Great post. Here’s the proof these companies are killing us like Guinea pigs. This is a first look draft. https://robertyoho.substack.com/p/c5db239f-1277-40dd-aede-bbc82b5c9393

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