Prepping for Collapse, Famine and Nuclear War: 12 Tips That Will Help You Be More Resilient When SHTF https://open.substack.com/pub/lateprepper/p/prepping-for-collapse-famine-and

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A very thorough plan of action Frederick. Thank you.

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The debt moment when Biden’s State of the Union turned spicy


Poll: Only 5% of Americans View Biden's SOTU as Going 'Very Well'


Americans are feeling the worst about their money since the Great Recession


Not Satire: Humiliating SOTU Moment Biden Says Refrigerators, Cellphones Got Laid Off

President Joe Biden was referring to a global chip shortage and, naturally, put his foot in his mouth.


Biden called for Amnesty for all the Illegal Aliens last night.


15 Whoppers Joe Biden Told During State Of The Union Address

Three years ago, the unemployment rate was at 3.5 percent. Today, Biden reminded us that it was at a historic low of 3.4 percent. More than 30 million people lost their jobs to Covid lockdowns. Biden claims to have “created” 12 million jobs during the past two years. The one big difference is that the labor participation rate still hasn’t recovered to pre-Covid numbers. It’s great that people are working again. But millions fewer are in the market for jobs.


Survey: Biden's State of the Union Speech Received Lower 'Very Positive' Ratings than Predecessors


Biden Promises to Fix Problems He Spent Half a Century Creating


Biden 'Finally' 'Realized' He's Been Lying about GOP Wanting to Cut Social Security, Medicare https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2023/02/08/scalise-biden-finally-realized-hes-been-lying-about-gop-wanting-to-cut-social-security-medicare/

AND HE'S STILL COMING AFTER YOUR GAS APPLIANCES. LOOK AT THE LINKS, https://gailhonadle.substack.com/p/when-did-we-hire-a-king-nanny-telling

I can't read it, not on his list The real state of the union


Zoom is the latest tech firm to announce layoffs, and its CEO will take a 98% pay cut


A robot’s $100 billion error: Alphabet shares tank after its ChatGPT rival makes a mistake in its very first ad


IT ISN'T FIXED YET 15 MONTHS HAVE GONE BY. Baby Formula Milk Companies 'Exploit' Parents' Fears to Boost Sales

Breast fed babies are weened at 6-7 months when first teeth come in, Peditricians demand ONE YEAR ON THEIR POISON.


Best news yet! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/ratings-bomb-viewership-biden-sotu-address-29-percent-last-year/

PLAGIARIZED https://www.foxnews.com/media/jesse-watters-biden-plagiarized-state-union-address

NOT SATIRE https://www.westernjournal.com/not-satire-humiliating-sotu-moment-biden-says-refrigerators-cellphones-got-laid-off/

Twitter experiences widespread outage


BONUS, I NEVER LIKED HIM, HE IS MEAN AND SPITEFUL 16 MONTHS SERVE TIME AT BEST. Two-Time NASCAR Champion Arrested in Mexico Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison [VIDEO] https://thedcpatriot.com/two-time-nascar-champion-arrested-in-mexico-sentenced-to-3-5-years-in-prison-video/

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The REAL State of the Union Must Be Fixed Immediately


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