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Who puts in the useless Trollies, and decides a bus route is not profitable? Memphis put in a short distance 1 first, electric, few passengers, meant to reduce traffic, it was a failure at that, 50 cents a trip didn't begin to pay the operator, it tried to look old fasion, but didn't quite get the look right. Drew a few out of town visitors. Then they decided to put in a longer sytem in the medical district, road was unusable for a year, I doubt it ever turned a profit both still operate. Many buildings had parking garages or 1 nearby. Buses use to be fairly safe to ride for downtown dwellers, not any more, most routes don't get you close enough, are money losers due to the Unsavory passengers. They even had 1 of the big bus' come clear out to the Navy base 30 + miles, if it had 4-5 passengers was doubtful. Even when it was a Training base, instead of the Record keeping base it now is, and much smaller. As most personel either had cars or carpooled to go to the better class bars, or take dates on. Time to downsize or cease to operate.

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BINGO. Memphis used taxpayer funds to build the Pyramid Arena for the Memphis Tigers, it didn't suit the NBA teams, so a 2nd one was then built. It sat empty for a decade at $1 Mil a year, until Bass Pro got conned into buying it. With Taxpayer upgrades, they never found the outside Escalator. Both were Millionaries toys. Memphis is a Blue city, that runs Shelby Co. It was to be used as a concert place, idiots didn't put in the Acoustics. Thank God, I finally got hubby to move to the next county, car, house insurances dropped in half, as did county taxes, not far enough into the country for me, though, age played a big part in that. Now they want to take over a county middle school. We fought that battle once before, the Tiny Towns won. they have their own individual school systems.

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