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Very interesting. Thank you

And thank you for the link to Alexander Hamilton’s Curse.

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Nicely written and inspirational material.

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Great article Fred. Your review of Mr. Morgan’s book is inspiring to say the least. Thank you for listing several excerpts as the booking is inspiring!

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Don't get me started on these windmills. They are hideous! A total ridiculous blight on the land. Often they are broken and hanging there. Or there is no wind.

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If the powerful simply act in their own self interest, and conspire to do so, you will get many of the same effects of am organized cabal.

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Before FDR, Herbert Hoover Tried His Own 'New Deal' | HISTORY


How FDR Made the Depression Worse | Robert Higgs


Biden Depression. https://64.media.tumblr.com/d2ad23aefdc6890c5b4ff86f8b092dbe/tumblr_pt05zy8Zhr1qaoso9o1_640.jpg

4 Tyson plants shut down. The ripple effect will cost more jobs and higher prices. 4 plants



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You are a brilliant and imaginative writer, Fred. Your ability to use that song as the seed for your story was inspired. It is a shame that the Saturday Evening Post no longer exists and that Playboy now only accepts stories by famous writers.

WordPress was once a nice place to visit and to find clever fiction. Now, just as it is the only social media site to publish honest social commentary, Substack has become the last refuge for those with imagination who don't want to throw their money away by self-publishing.

It is a shame that creativity and imagination have been crushed by the mainstream media.

Always an optimist, I am convinced the 6th mass extinction will occur long before 2525. Yet, as the smartest man who ever lived (Solomon) implied, we live to enjoy the life that YHWH has given us - and to keep His commands.

Keep writing.

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You didn't mention the Clintons.

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Excellent analysis.

From my civil defense work, for many reasons, two people are necessary to prevent a disaster.

USAF follows the same rule, which is why two operators act as a check on each other at nuclear silos.

Happy to see the railroads are finally adapting this good safety practice.

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Well it is no wonder how we got to this place in history after reading this! Not too hard to plug in possible associated parameters and come up with exactly the mess and high level corruption with no regards for the possibility of consequences for cold blooded murders and vast criminal networks operating within our government. Unreal. This is as bad as it can be, but now it all makes perfect sense.

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After your mention of BCCI, I intended to look into, but I got sidetracked. I'm glad you'll be covering it and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for all of your work. It's mindboggling when you realize the scope of it. I think another commenter here said "WOW!". Wow, indeed.

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A lot of conspiracy theories are getting light shed on them. I hope it brings down the CIA/FBI. CIA never paid the price for the BLACK TAR HEROIN SMUGGLING OUT OF LAOS, that got many of our Vietnam troops hooked and killed. Nor do most realize they are still in the DOPE PEDDLING BUSINESS with the Mexican Cartels and probably China. Intractable Pain Patients know more than our dumb politicians and doctors. More Evidence That Opioid Policymakers Keep Aiming at the Wrong Target

By Jeffrey A. Singer https://www.cato.org/blog/more-evidence-opioid-policymakers-keep-aiming-wrong-target

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Thank you for bringing this to light!

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Thank you for keeping this alive. I loved reading this! I've always been fascinated with this case, ever since I saw that Unsolved Mysteries episode about Danny Casolaro. Was the mystery, high-ranking military man, who showed up at his funeral, ever identified? This was a monster case, and I had no idea Bill Barr was involved. It sounded a little more than peripherally to me. What a shame the Hamilton's were done so dirty by our government, not to mention all those who were murdered or put in prison. "Not surprised, motherf**kers". I've been hearing there are also Jeffrey Epstein ties to the whole Octopus thing through Robert and Ghislaine Maxwell, as well as involving the Mossad. In fact, Robert Maxwell was one of the salesman for the stolen PROMIS software. Is that true?

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