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Thanks to the complete failure of the 3rd Obama administration to develop sane and logical programs, America is on the verge of financial and military failure. It became a spiritual failure during the previous century. While I do no approve of Brandon's idiotic statements, this time, with the USA failing in all of its worldwide missions, with terrorists living in this nation (while the White House encourages the entry of even more illegals), there are US Navy vessels locked up in the Port of Baltimore that may be unable to participate in our wars of conquest in Ukraine and the Mideast, unless Biden's dream team of perverts and fools pull off a miracle.

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The larger the government the lower the efficiency. Our present government has hit a new low and they are in unison to hit an even lower low. A major contributor to this is the DEI system which always produces the product called mediocrity!!!!!!

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When politicians start telling you about safety, get very nervous and remember they are the ones who fund wars with your money. How safe is that?

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Shouldn’t Hank Johnson first ensure that Guam is not going to tip over before pumping billions of dollars into transit boondoggles?

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We have a remarkable shared history. 40 comments by now!

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Awaken The Lions In Truth

Best write up about the connection of US USRA Railroads and the passage of the nefarious Fed Reserve Act of 1913 I have seen.

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18. Destruction of the US military through progressive policies which cause enlistments to plummet as we see currently with every service except the Marines missing their 2023 first term enlistment numbers by the thousands.

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Thank you for highlighting the father of our illustrious Secretary of Transportation in your piece. I am not so sure many know of Professor Buttigeg's scholarly endeavors.

Great work, as usual, and worth a second read.

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Very interesting. Thank you

And thank you for the link to Alexander Hamilton’s Curse.

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Nicely written and inspirational material.

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Great article Fred. Your review of Mr. Morgan’s book is inspiring to say the least. Thank you for listing several excerpts as the booking is inspiring!

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Don't get me started on these windmills. They are hideous! A total ridiculous blight on the land. Often they are broken and hanging there. Or there is no wind.

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If the powerful simply act in their own self interest, and conspire to do so, you will get many of the same effects of am organized cabal.

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Before FDR, Herbert Hoover Tried His Own 'New Deal' | HISTORY


How FDR Made the Depression Worse | Robert Higgs


Biden Depression. https://64.media.tumblr.com/d2ad23aefdc6890c5b4ff86f8b092dbe/tumblr_pt05zy8Zhr1qaoso9o1_640.jpg

4 Tyson plants shut down. The ripple effect will cost more jobs and higher prices. 4 plants



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You are a brilliant and imaginative writer, Fred. Your ability to use that song as the seed for your story was inspired. It is a shame that the Saturday Evening Post no longer exists and that Playboy now only accepts stories by famous writers.

WordPress was once a nice place to visit and to find clever fiction. Now, just as it is the only social media site to publish honest social commentary, Substack has become the last refuge for those with imagination who don't want to throw their money away by self-publishing.

It is a shame that creativity and imagination have been crushed by the mainstream media.

Always an optimist, I am convinced the 6th mass extinction will occur long before 2525. Yet, as the smartest man who ever lived (Solomon) implied, we live to enjoy the life that YHWH has given us - and to keep His commands.

Keep writing.

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