Project Groomer

Project Groomer: Exposing the Secret Plan to Brainwash Your Kids | Glenn TV | Ep 189

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Today, we live in a society that pokes its finger into the eye of God. This anti-life philosophy is a delight for the Malthusians’ palate of population reduction. Transgenderism is mass hysteria; it is junk science. Besides gender hysteria, the assault includes the hatred of the traditional family unit. The glory of a man and woman united in matrimony to build a large family gets society’s scorn. The people who tout the diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) mantra will sneer at families in the grocery store. The bold demonic desire of humans to believe they have become their very own god is a sad reality. The new gods that attempt to alter creation have overtaken the wonder of the interconnections of life linked to Divine creation. [Fred Smith, The Outcast]