The only "art" that gender identitarians produce is pornography. Everything else they make is an act of cultural vandalism.

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My friend is a talented lady, she made this quilt, https://scontent.fjbr1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/345628792_918967335998671_2397811043935856033_n.jpg?stp=cp6_dst-jpg&_nc_cat=107&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=ozhTqSkRu08AX9-svIe&_nc_ht=scontent.fjbr1-1.fna&oh=00_AfCvDmeX3Rgm-3naSeOeI4MlPkH2XMZ1Kw9rstK15fQvYw&oe=64643742

I embroidered the same sampler and put it in a photo frame.

Your Michangelo's Pieata was an excellent choice for this article. Michelangelo claimed that the block of Carrara marble he used to work on this was the most “perfect” block he ever used, and he would go on to polish and refine this work more than any other statue he created. http://www.italianrenaissance.org/michelangelos-pieta/

The Woke had to go and ruin our Mother's/Father's day,

Woke Corporations Pushing to Cancel Mother's Day Notifications, May Be 'Sensitive'


According to a Twitter thread by Arizona Informer, at the end of April, companies such as DoorDash, Kay’s Jewelers, Fry’s Food Stores and Levi’s allowed their patrons to avoid promotional material about Mother’s Day because the leftist companies felt that the holiday and the concept of motherhood may be too “sensitive” for some people.

Some people, however, praised the woke companies for their decision because the holiday may indeed be difficult for some people.


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Isn't it paradoxical that MLK wanted people to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin? That concept has disappeared just like cursive and rotary phones.

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It all started by destroying the tarnished images of the South. I wonder how well these nincompoops will weather the future. Thankfully I won't be around to see how far the little social experiment will go. I think we're in the Twilight Zone when George Floyd is a paragon of virtue and Robert E. Lee is a scumbag. Our silence, driven by the fear of being called a racist, has brought us to a very dark ugly place.

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Great essay! Tell Bill thank you. It is time sane, decent people just say enough is enough! No more!

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The point of all this is to tear western civilization down past it's foundations. They are just getting warmed up I think. They don't care about what people over 30 think about any of this because the target audience for this is young and very impressionable people. THEY know that if they have these peoples minds in their thrall the future is theirs. The quality of society has always been dependent on how well we, supposedly wise, adults pass on truth, beauty, and wisdom to the next generation. This process so essential to the continuity of civilization has had a wrecking ball taken to it by the hijacking of almost all education and its transformation into pure manipulation and mind control. The actual techniques of mind manipulation are part of nearly every public school curriculum now in the form of "social and emotional learning" (SEL they call it) and every other technique in the book. This is the culmination of a century of psychological research into how to manipulate and control the masses. Parents send their precious children into this psychological meat grinder everyday and wonder why they are becoming strangers? Anyway, this is the Kabbalist philosophy of "creative destruction" on full and very effective display. I wish more people could understand that this is the final battle in a war that we seem to be losing. They believe they must destroy everything to build their, Phoenix rising from the ashes, New World Order.

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Great points! I wonder how they will desecrate everything not made by "them." Including us.

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